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About Winning at Home Tampa Bay

Our Team tampabay logo 300x81Winning at Home Tampa Bay is a premier wellness center located in the heart of Pinellas County that offers hope and help to individuals and families. Our goal is to encourage people of all ages and stages of family development to lead Christ-centered homes. We seek to accomplish that through offering individual, marriage and family counseling and coaching.

Our custom-designed workshops can provide training along with the practical tools necessary to build strong and healthy relationships at home or in the workplace. We offer professional speakers who communicate truth and wisdom to a variety of audiences at churches, corporations and other large group gatherings. At Winning at Home Tampa Bay, we want to help you live with the understanding that in balancing home life, winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing!

Phil Lewis, Director/Coach

Tampa Bay Family Counseling Phil LewisPhil Lewis is the director of the Winning At Home Tampa Bay office. His skills and passion are a perfect fit with the mission of Winning At Home to encourage people at all ages and stages of family development to lead Christ-centered homes. Phil brings decades of experience as a pastor, and he is also a certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. His passion has been, and continues to be, providing resources and tools for men and women; moms and dads; husbands and wives; and singles and seniors to enable them to build the life of their dreams and win at home.

Phil uses his wealth of knowledge obtained by working with thousands of clients dealing with innumerable issues to equip and empower people to leverage their strengths and successfully deal with their weaknesses in order to experience the life they want. As an engaging and thoughtful speaker, Phil draws his audience in by sharing real-life stories as well as effective and proven processes that listeners can implement in their own life.

Phil has also acquired experience the old-fashioned way through his own family life as a husband to his wife Mindy, father to his married daughters Noelle and Bethany and grandfather to precious Eliza and Malakai.

Lisa Baker, LCSW

Therapist Lisa BakerLisa is a licensed counselor who has been helping individuals and families for over 30 years overcome tough emotional challenges. She specializes in working with couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy, which reinforces the biblical principle that we are all created for connection. Studies have shown a 90% improvement rate for couples using this therapy, making it the most scientifically validated formed of therapy. In addition, Lisa leads “Created for Connection” couples’ retreats and she enjoys speaking as a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator which is a comprehensive premarital education program.

Lisa is also trained in Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS)—an innovative method for helping adults get unstuck from unwanted emotions and behaviors (such as angry overreactions, anxiety, or depression). She understands how these emotions and behaviors will often show up in our closest relationships, or keep us locked in fear, and prevent us from forming close relationships. These fears and other difficult feelings are often associated with childhood wounds and unmet needs. Lisa feels privileged to utilize DNMS to help adults heal from those painful childhood experiences and begin to enjoy the full abundant life Christ desires for us!

Lisa and her husband, Scott have five children and 5 grandchildren. In their free time, they enjoy all the beauty and fun of God’s creation in and near the water!

Dr. J. Robert Ross, Ph.D., LMFT

Family Counselor Bob RossDr. J. Robert (Bob) Ross is a licensed marriage and family therapist with degrees from Emory University (Ph.D), Southeastern Louisiana University (B.S.) and Columbia Theological Seminary. His experience includes over 25 years in private practice as well as 10 years in campus ministry, teaching at Lincoln Christian University and Seminary, Southeastern Christian College, Alabama A & M University and Midway College. Bob is also a published author of the books My Marriage Manual, Freedom from Sexually Compulsive Behavior, How to Enjoy Being a Parent and more.

Bob knows it is an honor and a source of joy when his clients share their pain and difficulties with him and allow him to help in their healing. He gains great satisfaction from helping distressed couples turn their unhappy relationships into the harmony and intimacy that God intends for all marriages. A basic principle of Bob’s counseling is summed up by the words of fifth century monk, Abba Amonas, who told everyone who came to him for counsel, “Pay attention to yourself.” Bob believes it is possible for God to work in their lives and experience His healing grace only when people are honest with themselves.

Bob has been married to Doris for 63 years, and together, they have three children, nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.