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Dunedin Grief Counseling

Losing your friends, spouses, siblings, grandparents, parents, and sometimes children are the most heartbreaking experiences we face in our lives.

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Everyone struggles when someone they love passes on. A child dealing with loss for the very first time, even in the form of a pet, needs emotional support as much as a widow struggling with losing a spouse of 50+ years. Those who are dealing with divorce will often feel many of the same emotions as those dealing with the death of a spouse. Even those who have faced grief before find that each loss is different, impacting you in different ways.

Regardless of your type of loss and age, our Dunedin grief counselors and coaches are here to support you in your healing during this challenging time. If you find that your grief is becoming unmanageable and is impacting other areas of your life, grief counseling is a fantastic way to get the support and tools you need to move forward and start living your life again.

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How Grief Impacts Your Life

Most people are aware of the stages of grief- denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and ultimately, acceptance. However, these emotions can manifest themselves in a lot of different ways, and you can move backward in the process just as easily as you can move forward.

person struggling with mental healthDenial doesn’t have to be outright inability to accept the loss. It can be something as simple as still setting a place for them at the dinner table. Anger may be internal and self-directed. Bargaining may result in making risky financial decisions, such as donating all of your money to a charity for a sense of atonement. Depression may not feel like sadness related to the person you have lost, but rather your own sense of mortality. Often, the symptoms of grief are only felt internally, making it very challenging for others in your life to identify when you are feeling out of sorts and give you the support you need to get back on track.

When you are struggling with loss, it is up to you to get help. It is normal for you to feel sad, and to work through the stages at a pace that makes sense for you. However, it is not normal for you to put your happiness, future livelihood, health, or safety at risk as a result of the grieving process. A Dunedin, FL grief coach or grief counselor can help you identify healthy alternative behaviors that can support your grieving and healing process, without putting yourself at risk.

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Dunedin Grief Counseling winning logoAt Winning at Home Tampa Bay, our dedicated grief counselors and grief coaches provide the emotional support and actionable plans you and your family need to move past loss. Whether you are struggling with grief yourself, want assistance supporting a child or family member struggling with grief, or would like to work through loss as a family group, we are here for you.

Our Dunedin family counselors are devoted to helping you build a happier, healthier family now and in the future.

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