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I have recommended Winning at Home to a number of people!

I went to Phil needing help in my marriage. I appreciated his objectivity, understanding and ability to read between the lines as I shared my experience. At no time was he sentimental and never took sides. He helped me to investigate my own thinking, provided me with tools to change my patterns of thinking while allowing me time to express myself freely. While doing that he took conscious note of things I needed to address. I continue to use these tools today in my marriage as well as in ministry and life. My wife and I are growing in our understanding of each other. Phil told me that correct thinking was infectious and indeed it has spread over onto my wife and we are enjoying new levels of communication, which, of course, has led to a more fruitful and enjoyable marriage. He also followed up with texts and emails throughout the course of our time together and afterwards. I’m very thankful I have a resource to go to when I need re-orientation. I have recommended Winning at Home to a number of people since.

- Wayne

The counseling center has really helped my son.

- Brandon

I trust the wise counsel of Phil Lewis and recommend him.

- Alice

Highly recommend!

As a pastor, it’s very important to have a trustworthy counseling & coaching ministry to refer people to when the need arises. We’ve referred numerous people to Winning at Home Tampa Bay and received lots of great feedback on how helpful this has been in the lives of individuals and marriages. Phil Lewis (Executive Director, Tampa region) was previously a local church pastor that just “gets it” on how to partner with churches to help families and the community thrive and truly “win”! Highly recommend!

- Brandon

Highly recommend Winning At Home - Tampa Bay!

My daughter and I have worked with Phil and Jessica, and they have helped us tremendously. My young adult daughter has been to numerous counselors through the years, even a retreat in Utah. In her speaking with Phil, she really felt comfortable and knew she could just open up. Our experience has been wonderful. She is now also working with Jessica, and just loves her as much as Phil! Highly recommend Winning At Home - Tampa Bay!

- Kelly

I highly recommend their services.

I have had a couple of meetings with Phil Lewis out of the FL office. He has some really fantastic ideas about how to improve your personal relationships. Not only has this helped me in with my family but in my sales job as well. One of my favorite pearls of wisdom is this, "Our first response is never our best response" The idea of taking time before we engage in a conversation or send an email has helped me many times over. I highly recommend their services.

- Tom

You Are Phenomenal!!!!!

- Cindy

Amazing place!!!

- Cristina