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Pinellas County Anger Management

getting help for personal mental healthAre you having problems controlling your anger? Do you get angry even in the simple things? If your answers are a big yes, you may require an anger management session to control it.

Anger is an emotion that some people may find hard to control, especially if there are a lot of triggers that contribute to it. Some people don’t even realize how their anger is pushing people away from them. Others don’t even understand why they are angry, especially in certain situations where you shouldn’t be angry.

When you reach out to us, our Pinellas County team will help you understand how anger works and how anger management sessions can help you or your loved ones. We will listen to you and find ways to help you manage your emotions and how you can reach out to your loved ones. We will help you develop a plan that will keep your emotions in control and keep your mental health stable for a long time.

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What is Anger?

person struggling with mental healthAnger is a powerful emotion which we often feel when we are hurt, frustrated, afraid, and humiliated. One will immediately know that we are angry by looking at our body’s response to this emotion. Our blood temperature increases, adrenaline kicks in, and our breathing becomes faster.

As our anger takes over our body, it allows the stress we are feeling to go away. It is also our natural defense mechanism when we are facing adversity.

How does Anger Management Work?

As its name implies, anger management aims to help people in understanding how their anger works and understand why it happens. Some people’s anger can get too much and cause them to attack the people around them without them realizing it.

Counselors guide you through your emotions and see how your emotions react in certain situations. Sometimes, counselors will guide participants in reexamining past events and future situations where their emotions may peak. They will also sit down with you to explain what each emotion is and how to define it from others.

The sessions will also look through how the body reacts to what you are feeling and see if it is a cause of a defense mechanism of the person, or because of a mental health issue. Once all the triggers are identified, the session will help the person relax, get a hold in their emotions, and resolve the problems without going into an outburst.

Sessions for anger management vary in length, depending on the person taking it. It will also use a variety of techniques to help the patient taking it.

When should you go to an Anger Management Counseling Session?

Tampa Bay Mental Health ProviderAnger can blow up in epic proportions, and it is important to resolve it immediately. If you blow up, it may cause you to harm your loved ones and push you into doing things you don’t want to do. Sometimes, anger can trigger health conditions that may harm you in the long run.

If you want to get some help with your anger, you can look for these following signs:

  • You feel like you have to hold on to your anger or else you may vent out all of a sudden
  • All you think about are negative thoughts and experiences.
  • You always feel irritated, hostile, and impatient.
  • You always end up with an argument with the people around you, even for simple things.
  • You start fights and become violent towards the people around you.
  • You are out of control
  • You tend to avoid talks because of your outbursts

At Winning at Home Tampa Bay in Pinellas County, FL, we will sit down with you and your family to see what is causing you to feel this emotion before we suggest a treatment. During treatment, we will help you identify the signs and situations that contribute to your anger and how to calm yourself during these situations. We will also help you talk about your emotions and how you can communicate with others to prevent conflicts.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Pinellas County Anger Management winning logoWhen your emotions get out of control, you need help from a team that will understand your situation. Here at Winning at Home Tampa Bay in Pinellas County, we will listen to you with no judgment, help you understand your emotions, and get it under control. We will also help you reach out to your family and help you all protect your mental health.

No matter what goals you may have for your mental health, we are ready to help and be with you, even in the future.

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