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Clearwater Beach Trauma Recovery Counseling

Clearwater Beach Trauma Recovery Counseling Canva Monochrome Photo of Man Covering His Face 300x186No two people share the same reaction towards the same experience. Trauma affects different people in different ways, but everyone must be given equal support.

Trauma impacts the totality of how you view life and how you continue to live. Counseling is a huge help for you to determine and cope up with feelings and emotions that you may encounter during or after a traumatic event. Trauma can either be single incidents such as rape, vehicular accident, witnessing an unpleasant crime, or being struck by a natural disaster.

We, at Winning at Home Tampa Bay, understand how hard it is to deal with such unwanted emotions and thoughts. Our primary goal is to get your life back on track despite being aware of your past. Through time, you can eventually move from merely surviving to fully be able to thrive over your hardships and struggles in life.

Through our interactive processes, our trained counselors will be able to help you comprehend various coping mechanisms. Our Clearwater Beach counselors validate your feelings and emotions no matter how small you may initially think they are. Our efforts will guide you in integrating the traumatic event into something meaningful in your life.

Give Winning at Home Tampa Bay a call at (727) 513-4505 for an initial psychological consultation now.

How Can You Recover from Trauma?

Clearwater Beach Trauma Recovery Counseling Canva Monochrome Photo of Person Sitting on Curb 300x200Talking with us can significantly help you with suppression since it is never a long term form of defense from experience. We offer suggestions for ways to confront your specific problems, and it all depends on the uniqueness of your situation.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

The focus of CBT is to identify the shattered beliefs and assumptions and then rebuild them through the process called ‘cognitive restructuring.’ It aims to make you think differently about the incident and develop new reasons as to why it happened to you.

Trauma-focused CBT attempts to change negative thoughts of the traumatic experience and change problematic coping responses, such as thought suppression, expecting negative outcomes, or purposely welcoming threats. These can be done by challenging traumatic thoughts and attending to feared situations in a safe environment. Sessions of CBT is usually conducted over 8–12 times within a certain number of months.


An effective technique that is often used as part of CBT is called exposure. If you are the type who avoids fearful situations that remind you of the experienced trauma, exposure therapy can be done for you.

Remember that the more you tried to be avoidant, the less chance you get of learning to overcome your fear. Know that we are not going to force if it will only overwhelm you more. Sometimes this is just done by imagining what our therapist gets you to think. These are mostly the things that cause you to fear. Facing them will make you stronger and more equipped to face challenges in life.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a technique used with CBT, or counseling and psychotherapy. You and our counselor will sit close to each other, and our counselor will then pass their hand back and forth across your field of vision. Although it comes off strange, and not yet fully understood why this therapy is helpful, research suggests that it is effective.

The technique will help you turn your focus on the movement while discussing your traumatic experiences. It lessens the distress you feel towards the incident. Our counselors will talk to you about how the process is specifically done.

Imagery rescripting

Imagery rescripting is a technique also used with CBT where you are prompt to think of your memories as shadows of your past. You are urged to transform the specific images in your memory with more creative imagery for them to become less distressing. It will turn your giants into colorful cotton candies!

You must not worry if you think that your reality is being altered. It is one effective way done with our trauma specialist to lessen your life’s burden.

Move Forward with Clearwater Beach Trauma Recovery Counselors

person struggling with mental healthSeeking the right therapist may take some time and effort because you want someone who’s not intimidating enough to be trusted with your problems. Winning at Home Tampa Bay, serving Clearwater Beach, FL, assures you that our therapists and counselors have professional experience treating trauma. What we build is a solid quality of a relationship with you!

We can provide you the comfort and trust you need. We understand that having been through hard circumstances in life made you something you cannot rely on. You need someone with warmth and serenity upon discussing your struggles.

The trauma counseling we offer has more long term benefits, and the progress has a safe and slow pace. After all, no one should rush you into something you cannot fully grasp yet. Dealing with trauma should be done continuously and subtly.

Let’s Hear You Story

Clearwater Beach Trauma Recovery Counseling winning logoStart living in the present without constantly being drawn back by the past. Your emotions, thoughts, and story are important to us. We are ready to bring light to your life again.

Give Winning at Home Tampa Bay a call at (727) 513-4505 for a free initial consultation from our Clearwater Beach trauma recovery counselor now.