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Indian Rocks Beach Stress & Anxiety Counseling

Indian Rocks Beach Stress & Anxiety Counseling Canva Monochrome Photo of Person Sitting on Curb 300x200Stress and anxiety is something many of us experience at some point in our life. Many factors can cause us to become stressed and anxious, from simple ailments to the things they see and experience. Events, such as a breakup, death, or even being told that they are sick with a serious ailment, can also play a key role in increasing our stress and anxiety levels, especially if these events involve the people who are close to us in some way.

While stress and anxiety do go away after a while, some people are unable to free themselves from stress and anxiety. As a result, some of them often develop health complications such as heart attacks, stroke, and hypertension. They are also unable to cope up to the point that they’re destroying themselves in the process.

Here at Winning at Home Tampa Bay in Indian Rocks Beach, we will help you understand why your stress and anxiety levels are fluctuating beyond your control. We will look at the stressors that cause your feelings to increase, how to get through these stressors, and get your life back into order. We can also help you reach out to your family members and ensure that everyone can get help for your emotional turmoil.

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What are Stress and Anxiety?

Stress is our body’s response to certain psychological threats that may or may not happen throughout our life. These threats can include negative issues like getting a divorce, getting married, experiencing a breakup, and so on. When these happen, our fight or flight response is turned on, which then influences our response to these issues.

Anxiety is also related to stress because it is the feeling we develop when we are stressed out about something that is supposed to come. This could be our first time to go to work, give a speech and many others we usually are nervous about. Both stress and anxiety can come and go, but there are times that they can go beyond our capabilities and affect our life.

When is My Stress and Anxiety Levels Too High?

person struggling with mental healthIt can be very difficult to tell when our stress and anxiety levels are too high because it is different for every person. Some people won’t notice that their stress and anxiety levels are very high because they are feeling a lot of emotions all at the same time. From a physical standpoint, you will experience headaches, stomachaches, and other body pains to the point that you are numb with pain. As your stress and anxiety levels remain, the pain you are feeling throughout your body grows, and your coping mechanisms also cause you to develop addictions such as smoking, emotional eating, and others.

Too much stress and anxiety can also cause you to develop physical and mental health issues such as insomnia, depression, loss of enjoyment, and may even lead to stroke and death. You may also find it hard to do regular things because of sudden phobias brought to you by your anxiety.

When to Reach Out to a Stress and Anxiety Counseling Sessions

As mentioned above, every person has a different threshold when it comes to how much stress and anxiety they can handle. However, it is important to get help when you start realizing that you are always stressed and anxious even in simple situations, you may want to seek help to understand why your emotions are hard to manage.

Seeking professional assistance will open doors for you to express your emotions and find ways to cope with what is causing you stress and anxiety. Counselors will also see what kind of tools can be used to relieve your stress and anxiety daily. They can also find ways on how your family can help you during this time and let them know what signs to look for when your emotions are overcoming you so they can help you immediately.

Types of Counselling You Can Get

getting help for personal mental healthThere are many types of counseling that you can get to help you with your stress and anxiety levels, especially when it gets too much. Counselors will sit down with you to see how severe the problem is and tweak the counseling session accordingly if the therapy you are currently on is not working too well.

Some of the counseling that you can get for stress and anxiety levels include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Holistic therapy
  • Existential therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • General counseling

The effectiveness of these therapies depends on your commitment to following it and how well you take it. The lengths of these sessions vary immensely, and you may have to take two or more different therapies to get your anxiety and stress levels controlled.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation!

Indian Rocks Beach Stress & Anxiety Counseling winning logoWith Winning at Home Tampa Bay in Indian Rocks Beach, FL, you will be able to know more about your feelings and emotions and get the help you and your family need to deal with them. We will sit down with you to know what kind of therapy you need, listen to you without judgment, and be with you as you undergo this phase of controlling your emotions and improving your mental health.

Whatever you are going through, our Indian Rocks Beach team is ready to assist. We will even help you build a long-term plan that will help you get through this problem and keep your mental health excellent.

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