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Safety Harbor Youth Counselor

Safety Harbor Youth Counselor IMAGE1 300x199It is hard to distinguish whether a child is growing with an individual trait, or there might be some behavioral problems. As a parent, it is a challenge for you to raise them in a way that doesn’t hinder their uniqueness and well-communicativeness. You may feel unfortunate in engaging your child in mental health counseling, but seeking help from a professional can make your child’s growth easier.

Here at Winning at Home Tampa Bay, we perform services to vulnerable youth. Our mental health professionals know and deeply understand what your child should receive to determine life issues and eventually continue living a productive life. If you start noticing that your child, or may it be someone’s child, is undergoing psychological distress, contact us to understand better what that child may have been experiencing.

A significant note to remember is that when children experience emotional and mental misery, they will most possibly not tell it to you. Our goal is to guide your children in interpreting the issue they are facing. When these social, emotional, and psychological distresses are left untreated, your children may have more trouble to face in knowing their aspirations in educational or any developmental aspects.

Fear, confusion, anxiety, and trauma are hard to battle at such a young mind. Our counseling sessions in Safety Harbor, FL, aim to help children manage their emotions to be able to live a normal and healthy life. The moment you notice that your children’s behavior has suddenly changed, or even if something feels wrong about the way they act, immediately call for help before the unsaid agony affects your children as they grow as adults.

Contact Winning at Home Tampa Bay at (727) 513-4505 for a free initial consultation with our Safety Harbor youth counselor now.

Different Types of Child Counseling Techniques

Safety Harbor Youth Counselor IMAGE3 300x200Child counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on the mental health and well-being of young children, teens, and adolescents. Situations like anxiety, trauma, and divorce of parents greatly affect the mental equilibrium of your child. We offer the following techniques of child counseling to help your child learn tools, techniques, and methods to face this kind of challenge.

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

The objective of CBT is to guide your child in changing negative thought patterns and behaviors by altering their perspectives in issues and events that caused the distress. They should have a positive response to certain happenings in their lives. This can be done through sessions of talking and discussing their problems more often.

It is important for them to open up and not be afraid of facing unpleasant events. Our counselors use CBT to encourage your child to defy their belief system. A more realistic approach should be made to challenge how they view themselves currently. This is a useful technique to cope up with the present and future challenges. Our counselors will see to it that your child develops a healthier mindset and outlook in life.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

TF-CBT emphasizes help to those children with lingering effects of trauma. Our counselors will aid your child to view the incident in a positive manner like not assuming the blame for what happened. This can also be useful for reducing frequent flashbacks and nightmares. At the end of the session, they must work through those ugly memories by building a sense of control and understanding. Your child will then develop an ability to overcome tragedies and traumas and use this as a tool to move forward and live normally.

Alternative Therapies

An excellent way to refocus sadness, anxiety, and trauma is to involve your children in alternative therapy. They can benefit from therapies that embroil a new hobby such as music or art therapy, exercise or sports therapy, movement therapy, equine therapy, play therapy, mindfulness, or aquatic therapy. Through this, they can have a better way to keep themselves busy and away from dangerous thoughts while learning substantial skills. Our counselors can help you and your children discover a hidden hobby and work on their mental and social health betterment.

Safety Harbor Youth Counselors: Your Child’s Bestfriend

counseling for childrenIt is important to choose a counselor that will not make your child uncomfortable, anxious, or embarrassed about seeing someone for help. Your children’s minds are at a crucial stage that the last thing we want is to think they are crazy. However, we understand that you and your children may start scared over the fact of treating mental illness.

In Winning at Home Tampa Bay, we assure you that our counselors don’t just perform counseling for the sake of ‘the job.’ We do care for your children and will approach them as affectionately as possible. We want them to feel at ease throughout the sessions. With us, your child’s mental health and well-being are paramount.

Do not hesitate to ask for help rather than doing the ‘talking’ alone with your child. Our counselors have reliable credentials, approaches, and client feedbacks. They have also undergone training qualifications. Most importantly, we have the heart to reach out to the most sensitive matters your child is experiencing.

Let’s Talk

Safety Harbor Youth Counselor winning logoBefore your children totally ‘disconnect’ from everything vital to their growth, you should take a preventive step now. We understand that deciding to seek youth counseling is not an easy option for you, especially for your child, but fear and uncertainty are things you shouldn’t let lead on.

Contact Winning at Home Tampa Bay at (727) 513-4505 for a free initial consultation from our Safety Harbor youth counselors now.